Popular Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss

There are a number of juicing recipes for weight loss that are designed to be both simplistic and help you reach your goal of losing weight each week. In order to be successful with the juicing recipes for weight loss that you choose, be sure you set goals that are realistic, especially if this is your first attempt at a juice diet. To start, partake in a diet that’s just two to three days in length. Once you have accomplished your first round of juicing recipes for weight loss, you can decide to substitute one meal a day with juice or a smoothie.

How Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss Work

Currently one of the most popular juice diet trends involves a ten day long juice diet that claims a person can lose one pound a day. There are a couple of ways to go about this diet: eat only raw veggies, keeping the diet one hundred percent raw, or don’t consume any solid foods and drink one litter of juice a day, taking a multivitamin as a way to ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients you need during this process.

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When it comes to a strict juice diet, most people will experience cravings and feelings of hunger during the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours. However, some juicing recipes for weight loss are designed to keep you feeling full, which helps with the cravings.

Weight loss juice recipes are not just great for shedding pounds in a short period of time, but they are also designed to help detox your system of all the unwanted pollutants and toxins you typically consume on a daily basis. This means, after you have finished with the diet, your body will be as healthy as it’s ever been, allowing you to continue on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Cabbage and Citrus Juice Recipes

One of the most frequently used juicing recipes for weight loss consists of lemons, oranges, carrots and ginger. Use three peeled oranges, half a cabbage, one whole lemon, one carrot, a one inch piece of ginger and half a cup of ice, if you want a thicker mixture.

Start off by juicing the cabbage and carrot, next add the citrus fruit and ginger. Adding the ice will give your juice a smoothie consistency. For more nutritional value, add one cup of plain, non-fat yogurt. You can also substitute the oranges for apples if you want to create juicing recipes for weight loss that have a sweeter taste.

Drink this juice three times a day, as a meal substitute or start off by substituting it for one meal a day. Typically, when using this recipes as a substitute for one meal, use it for dinner, which will help you to lose more weight because your body is not digesting a heavy meal overnight, one that is filled with carbs and sugar.