How a Juice Diet Works

A juice diet is popular for its ability to cleanse the body, resetting the physiological processes that have been consumed by preservatives, toxins and pollutants. A juice diet will tend to make a person squeamish, because they are so strict in nature, not to mention they can be an expensive diet, due to all of the fresh produce that you’ll need to purchase.

There are many people who will go on a juice diet in hopes that it will be an easy way to lose weight and correct underlying health problems. Most fitness professionals do not feel that a juice diet is the right way to go about losing fat, and instead suggest this type of diet as a start to getting on the right track to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. Try thinking of this diet as a lifestyle jolt, one which can provide you with a brief glimpse of the benefits of healthy eating.

How to Start a Juice Diet

During the start of this process many people noticed an increase in energy and an increased feeling of overall good health. People experienced these feelings after two to three days of consistently juicing. After which, they noticed their cravings for sugar and carbs seemed to abate.

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What you drink while on a juice diet will differ from the type of juice that is commonly sold in the store. This type of juice is made by compressing fresh produce and extracting the pulp. Most juice diets will consist of only drinking healthy fresh juice and nothing else.

Depending on the length of a fast and a person’s activity levels, an occasional meal can be necessary during this time. But it will remain important that the dieter stick to foods that are unprocessed and clean.

The length of a juice fast can vary greatly ranging from two days to two months. However, for individuals who are new to this process, it’s definitely a good idea to start out small, in order to succeed the first time. A juice fast is considered to be intense, and lifestyle circumstances can make a longer fast almost impossible. When a person breaks their fast it can be worse than completing a small fast successfully. So it’s important to keep in mind that most health professionals recommend that first time juicers partake in a fast that’s two to three days in length.

A fast that lasts longer than seven days is not a particularly good idea. While the benefits of this type of fast can be seen as remarkable, they can also cause certain deficiencies when performed for a long period of time.

Setting Yourself up for Success

For the majority of people, when starting a juice fast for the first time, doing it on the weekend is a good place to start, as for most people, the weekend is typically the time when their eating habits are the most relaxed. This short period of time will allow a person to break into this significant change in their diet at a time when their schedule is more flexible and not affected or constrained by work or an environment that makes it difficult to stick to a strict diet. Juicing can be extremely health, but it is also considered to be a very high maintenance way of eating and requires the dieter to have fresh produce and a juicer on hand.

How to Afford a Juicing Diet

When it comes to a juice diet, the only piece of equipment a person will need to purchase is a juicer. The type of juicer you need to buy will depend on the type of juice you decide to make. Green juice is said to be the healthiest type to make, and consists mostly of leafy greens such as kale, spinach and wheat grass. For this type of juice you may need to invest in a more expensive juicer that has a reputation for handling green juice, as more basic juicer models tend to get clogged easily with the aforementioned greens.

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If you’re someone that plans on making juicing a part of your daily routine, then you’ll need to consider purchasing a higher end juicer. If you only plan on juicing once in a while, for a juice diet and intend on sticking with fruit juice, then an inexpensive model will be sufficient for your needs. Also be aware that smaller juicers are not designed for excessive daily use and may malfunction by the end of the week due to motor burnout.

Many people out there will tell you that purchasing fresh produce every week is doable and not expensive, but those of us that are on a budget know that this is not necessarily true. Fresh produce is expensive, bottom line and if you want to succeed on your juice diet then you’re going to need to apply some useful tricks when it comes to affording it.

Frozen fruits and veggies can help you save a ton, when it comes to having more of a variety during your juicing diet. Baby food is also an excellent way to save on cash as well as remove some pressure off of using your juicer too frequently and it’s also surprisingly inexpensive. Baby food actually comes in a large variety of flavors such as mango peach, pear, orange banana and strawberry apple.