Best Juicing Recipes Based on Your Health Needs

When it comes to choosing the best juicing recipes, the kind of recipe you choose should be based on what fruits and veggies you enjoy and why you’re juicing in the first place. Some people will juice after a workout, juice to lose weight or juice to simply detox their system. In this article we take a look at several of the best juicing recipes that are designed to keep you both fit and healthy.

What you’ll need for Best Juicing Recipes

You won’t need a juicer to create super healthy and refreshing drinks. All of the recipes that are included in this article can be created with the use of a blender, so there’s no special equipment needed. Because of the amount of fiber that’s contained in fresh veggie and fruit purees, these drinks will vary in their thickness and you can adjust to your preference simply by adding more or less water.

For a simple healthy smoothie, start off with one cup of all natural fruit juice of your choice, one cup of ice cubes, one cup of plain non-fat yogurt and a banana. Blend until smooth. Use best juicing recipes in place of a meal or an easy snack and skip the carbs and sugar. You’ll be sure to notice a change in your weight in as little as a week.

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Best juicing recipes for energy will include a high dose of iron and veggies and fruit that can deliver your daily dose of vitamin K, another must for good bone health. For this type of juice use granny Smith apples, cucumbers, green grapes and kale. For added sweetness try using cherries or pears.

Drinks for Energy and Health

Best juicing recipes for an antioxidant drink will contain such fruit as blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, and mango. In a blender combine mangos, ¼ cup of water, strawberries and blueberries and blend until smooth. For a smoothie use ½ cup of yogurt and half a cup of ice.

Natural fruit sugars will give a person an instant boost and electrolyte loaded coconut water will help to keep a person energized and hydrated. Add coconut water in place of regular water for any of the best juicing recipes.

A juice that’s used as an immune system booster can help to ward off colds and improve your overall health. Make this healthy juice using kiwis, oranges and grapefruits.

Juices that are designed as post-workout refuelers will contain oranges, apples, sweet potatoes and almonds. Drink this juice after your morning workout for increased energy.

Detox juices are designed to remove toxins from your system and are typically consumed three times a day in place of meals. These drinks contain high fiber root vegetables and fruit that’s designed to keep your digestive tract moving. Juicing recipes for detox will contain ginger, apples, carrots, wheat grass and beets.