What are the Beet Juice Benefits?

Beet juice benefits are profound and beet juice is best known as a blood purifier. Other beet juice benefits will include the fact that this juice can aid in the creation of red blood cells. Healthcare professionals state that this type of juice can help to cure digestive tract diseases, improve blood structure and cleanse the system.

Other beet juice benefits involve cleansing the kidneys and liver. Beet juice has powerful properties that can dissolve hard formed kidney stones.

Beet Juice Benefits Shown in Studies

Researchers have also noted that beet juice benefits include beating high blood pressure. Studies involving patients who were suffering from certain types of cancer found that beet juice was effective in eliminating and breaking down tumors. Beets have also been found to increase the body’s natural production of glutathione. Glutathione helps a person’s body to remove cancer causing toxins found in the body.

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Cancer destroying cells known as CD8 are found in the colon and studies have shown that consuming one twelve ounce glass of beet juice a day can help to increase the number of CD8 cells.

Beet juice is known as a powerful blood cleanser and it contains a number of nutrients that will protect the heart against diseases and certain types of cancer. Betactanin is the pigment that is responsible for the beet’s purple red color. Patients that are suffering from colon or stomach cancer have found beet juice to be beneficial in reducing the amount of cancer cell mutations.

Foods that are rich in folate, such as beets, are important in aiding the growth of tissue. It’s recommended that women who are pregnant consume one to two cups of beet juice a day, as doing so can help to aid in the proper development of the spinal column in the fetus.

Adding Beet Juice to your Diet

Because beet juice has a strong taste to it, many people prefer to drink it mixed with different types of fruit juice. If you’re making your own beet juice, be sure to peel the beet before you juice it. You’ll only need to use half of the beet per serving.

This type of juice is also used as a natural diuretic and some people will use this juice as part of a weight loss regimen. Because the juice is sweet, it can also be used in place of sugar and you can even bake with it. Both the beet and the beet leaves contain powerful blood cleansing agents. It’s recommended that beet juice be used in moderation and limited to one to three times a week.

If you’re using beet juice as part of a detoxifying process, use one serving, every other day and mix it with apples, wheat grass, spinach and citrus fruits.